Friday, August 19, 2011

Coolest Awesome Clocks

Can you feel your heart beat faster? Are your hands sweaty? Relax, this is just a clock! The Math Clock (makes you solve the problem at ‘hand’ (quite literally) to determine the time.
A digital clock and calendar powered by food! Digital Clock T-Shirt utilizes an electro-luminescent panel in front to display the time. 
The Water-Powered Clock is actually powered by the very salt and water mixture that occupies 70% of the Earth's surface.  
The Table Book Clock proves that not all fancy gadgets have to be obvious.

1. Fruit-Powered Clock

A digital clock and calendar powered by food! The Fruit-powered Clock is a very cool clock that combines micro-electronic technology with the natural electrical potential of a fresh fruit or vegetable. The clock uses the original scientific principles on which all modern electrical storage batteries are based. Just add a fresh orange, apple, lemon, lime, pear, banana, or any another convenient fruit or vegetable to the supplied components in this kit and you have the perfect synthesis of nature's own electrical power resource and the accuracy of a digital clock.

2. Digital Clock T-Shirt

Powered by 4 x AAA batteries, this Digital Clock T-Shirt utilizes an electro-luminescent panel in front to display the time. The batteries, hidden inside a compartment, will last between 12 - 36 hours depending on the flashing mode selected. Just like a standard digital clock it flash per second for keeping time, or while acting as a stop watch!

3. Water-Powered Clock

The epitome of a green gadget, the Water-Powered Clock is actually powered by the very salt and water mixture that occupies 70% of the earth's surface. Without the need for batteries, the Eco-Friendly clock keeps perfect time as electrodes harvest energy from the water. All you have to do to make the clock run is fill its tank up with tap water and depending on the particles that are in your water system you may need to add a small amount of table salt. All that is required is changing or adding water and a dash of salt every 2 to 3 weeks. And the clock even remembers the time as you change the water!

4. Table Book Clock

The Table Book Clock proves that not all fancy gadgets have to be obvious. This one masquerades as a set of books on a shelf. Fascinating design decision, don’t you think?

5. Math Clock

Can you feel your heart beat faster? Are your hands sweaty? Relax, this is just a clock! The Math Clock (makes you solve the problem at ‘hand’ (quite literally) to determine the time. By day 2 you should be ready for advanced calculus.

6. Dali's Clock

Meet the Dali Inspired Clock. Inspired by Salvador Dali's famous melting clock from The Persistance of Memory, this tormented timepiece is sure to become a good conversation piece; it's the most surreal wall clock you'll ever own.

7. Pizza Clock

With this Pizza Clock it's always time for everyone's favorite food. Ideal for any kitchen, dinning hall, pizza store, restaurant or Ninja Turtles' home.

8. Whatever Clock

Score one for apathy. The Whatever Wall Clock is a clock for people who really don’t care what time it is. Get lost in time with this creative clock, individually hand-painted and lead free.

9. Sushi Clock

Hungry? The Sushi Clock features different kinds of sushi served on a black plate, marking each hour with two chop stick hands. Have a delicious time.

10. Pool Rack Clock

Get this Pool Rack Clock. The triangle mimics a pool rack frames the clock, while a simulated green pool table felt backs the clock. Numbered pool balls represent the hours of the day. Cool as in beer.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sophisticated Wooden Structures

Along with Stone, Mud and Animal Parts, Wood is certainly One of the Ist Material worked by Primitive Human Beings.

Sophisticated Wooden Structures-1

Microwear Analysis of the Mousterian Stone Tools used by the Neanderthals Show that many were used to work Wood.

Sophisticated Wooden Structures-2

The development of Civilization was closely tied to the development of increasingly greater degrees of skill in working these materials.

Sophisticated Wooden Structures-3

Among early finds of Wooden Tools are the worked sticks from Kalambo Falls, Clacton-on-Sea and Lehringen.

Sophisticated Wooden Structures-4

The spears from Schöningen (Germany) provide some of the first examples of Wooden Hunting Gear.
Flint Tools were used for Carving.

Sophisticated Wooden Structures-5

2 Ancient Civilizations that used Wood-Working were the Egyptians and the Chinese.

Sophisticated Wooden Structures-6

Wood-Working is depicted in many Ancient Egyptian Drawings and a considerable amount of Ancient Egyptian Furniture (such as Stools, Chairs, Tables, Beds, Chests) has been preserved in Tombs.

Sophisticated Wooden Structures-7

Since Neolithic Times, Carved Wooden Vessels are known, for example, from the Linear Pottery Culture wells at Kückhofen and Eythra.
Examples of Bronze Age Wood-Carving include Tree Trunks worked into Coffins from Northern Germany and Denmark.

Sophisticated Wooden Structures-8

As well, the Inner Coffins found in the Tombs were also made of Wood.
The Metal used by the Egyptians for Wood-Working Tools was originally Copper and eventually,
after 2000 BC Bronze as Iron-Working was unknown until much later.

Sophisticated Wooden Structures-9

The site of Fellbach-Schmieden in Germany has provided fine examples of Wooden Animal Statues from the Iron Age.
Wooden Idols from the La Tène Period are known from a sanctuary at the source of the Seine in France.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2-in1 Sofa

Sofa -cum- Snooker Table








it offers you an opportunity to play Snooker at Home

Amazing Modern Sofa Designs

Here Are Some Amazing Designs of Sofa Sets
You May Like Someone and May Opt For Your Drawing Room

A Corner to Hide Sofa

Cow Shaped Sofa

Dog Shaped Sofa

Dune Sofa

Huit Sofa – Figure 8 Shaped Sofa-1

Lion Shaped Sofa

Lip Sofa

Mendocino Sofa

Modern Sitting Style - Lava Sofa-1

Modern Sofa-1

Ola Sofa

Orgy Sofa

Original Design Sofa

Orikami Sofa

Snappy Convertible Sofa-1

Styrofoam Sofa-1

Teeth Brush Shaped Sofa

Tufty Time Sofa-1

Velvet the Spiral Shaped Sofa

Top 10 Craziest Watches

It seems that nobody wants to adorn their wrists with simple looking watches anymore. The market is flooded with all sorts of weird looking watches out of which These Watches have become a real craze with tech-savvy people.
The Iron Samurai has been known to increase its wearers’ Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma by as much as 20 points each!
If you want to feel like a Nigh Limitless Super Hero Alien Powers, you’re ready to take on the World’s Super Villains with Green Geek Power Watch that looks like it hurtled through space for centuries and just fell through the Sky.

1. Iron Samurai Watch
The Iron Samurai watch, a spectacularly ugly bracelet-style watch made from “Samurai sword carbonized steel folded 1000x over.  The watch hides red LEDs inside the pattern of the bracelet, which is kind of cool in theory but dorktacular in practice. It also comes with one of the weirdest and funniest product.

2. Vanity Mirror Watch
With this mirror conveniently on your wrist, if you need to interrupt your preening sessions to check the time for your next haircut appointment, you can do so with the press of a button – you’ll instantly see the bright red LED display, but only for a moment so you can get back to gazing into those gorgeous eyes. Sigh! Soooo dreamy

3. Tread 1
Tread 1 uses a treadmill-like system with belts that are woven together and have separate motors. The time is highlighted as the numbers feature inside a cut out shape while they’re rotating on the mini treadmill. The watch is made from bulletproof polycarbonate which means it’d be perfect if you were a spy or someone who gets shot at a lot.

4. Green Geek Power Watch
The glowing green lights from this out-of-this-world watch shine like beacons, impressing everyone around you, who will be amazed at the willpower it takes to wear such a unique, cool watch, and best yet, yellow has no affect on its powers of good….or evil.

5. Space Invaders Watch 
Two versions of the watch are being made, one for day (the full color one), and one for night (with glowing ‘Superluminova’ invaders)

6. EleeNo EG3
 Japanese company Tokyoflash claims a reputation for weird watch designs, and their latest design the EleeNo EG3. This crazy time teller has a face that represents the time through a series of squares: the top 3 indicate the hour, the middle three show how many minutes past the hour in tens, and the final three represent the single minutes.

7. Map Watch 
The Vacheron Constantin engineers and watchmakers added to an extremely reliable self-winding movement, Vacheron Constantin Calibre 1126AT, a complication necessary to make the time move in the cartographical wake of the famous adventurers. The highly sophisticated and patented mechanism drives both dial parts with help of a number of complicated devices linked by cams featuring the shape inspired by the Vacheron Constantin signature Maltese cross.
The hour wheel has three arms extended by a satellite, each carrying four hour numerals, pointed in the direction set by a cam. The hour crown turns so that to line up the satellite with the necessary hour number in front of the gap found between the two dial parts. The cam then moves the necessary number into the gap and the hour crown makes it move from left to right in precisely one hour over the minute scale featured on the lower dial.

8. Wooden Watch 
The WeWood Chrono Watch is made of 100% natural wood, saved from scraps from the flooring industry that would otherwise be destroyed. Saved from the fires! The watch features a wood case, bracelet, and dial. It’s the perfect gift for someone who is environmentally conscious or who is allergic to other watch materials. Press a button and the time and date light up the face. Best of all, WeWood plants a tree for each watch purchased.

9. Bingo Watch
This new uniquely styled watch called Bingo from Eleeno is available at Japanese online store Tokyoflash. Although the watch would generate great interest in Bingo players but otherwise also it’s quite catchy. Telling time is deceptively simple (doesn’t look like it though). The outer dot is for hours and the inner one is for minutes.

10. Relativity Watch
Modeled on Einstein’s theory of relativity, this Relativity Watch actually makes the numbers move instead of the hands. This, of course, makes you dizzy if you continuously stare at it for more than 12 hours.